Elementary students embrace “Compose Yourself”

CVW Intern

It was a full house on April 1 when La Crescenta Elementary School’s fourth, fifth and sixth graders sang, danced and adopted the personas of famous historic composers in the school’s Bulldog Production of “Compose Yourself.”
The storyline was based on the movie “Night at the Museum,” when a group of students have to write a report on famous music composers. They fall asleep in a museum where the composers in the paintings come alive and sing, dance and teach the students about themselves.
“I think it is really exciting to be with friends. Singing always made me happy and I enjoyed acting and singing a lot,” said student actor Claire Codding.
This is the fifth year of the production that involved 75 students and two teachers, Jessica Cole and Jennifer Zimmer. The performance was the culmination of work by students and teachers since September that included memorizing lines, practicing songs and choreographing the exact movements of each person.
“The entire production came out great. There was a lot of memorizing and acting. The students did all that they were told and did not complain once. Watching the kids love what they’re doing really makes it worthwhile,” teachers Zimmer and Cole said.
The Parent Foundation supported the majority of the production, and students held a See’s Candy Fundraiser to financially support the event.