St. James competes in decathlon

Celebrating their win at the decathlon are (back row): Justin Sagong, Nola Ching, Marianne Boerem, Gino Camatti, Eva Garcia, Walter Harris and Colin SungaMiddle row: Carter De Haven, Brandon Kim, Martino Kim, Tommy O'Sullivan and Emme Yekikian.Front: Josh Kim, Jamison Baur, Chris Carr, Liam Molina, Carl D'Aguiar, Andrea Avila, Daniel Conde and Matthew Januzik.

St. James sent its decathlon team to the Annual Junior High Decathlon for Catholic Schools on Saturday, March 6. An all day event, the decathlon consists of the super quiz, the logic test and individual tests for certain subjects.
St. James placed sixteenth out of 101 schools competing. Individual awards were also earned by students Justin Sagong, eighth grade, placing tenth overall in math; Brandon Kim, eighth grade, placing tenth in literature, and Andrea Avila, eighth grade, placing ninth overall in English.
Teacher Nola Ching was the school’s decathlon moderator and Marianne Boerem, Gino Camatti, and Lisa Knatcal were St. James coaches.