Valley View Outing Hits High Note

Photo by Neda FARHOUMAND Valley View students listen to the pre-opera lecture inside the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Third grader students of Valley View Elementary School had a touch of “class” outside the schoolroom when they attended a matinee recently at the Los Angeles Opera. This was the second year the students visited the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

Eighty-six third graders and SDC (Special Day Class) won admission to the performance after teachers submitted an application that required three original lesson plans
on how the opera would
benefit the students. Valley View was chosen among a handful of other schools at LAUSD.

The Director of Education of the Los Angeles Opera Jill Burnham greeted the students. They enjoyed lunch at the Music Center before returning to La Crescenta.

According to VV PTA parent Neda Farhoumand, the experience was magical.

“It was an amazing day,” said Farhoumand. “We were fortunate enough to have won admission for two years in a row and hope to make it a Valley View tradition. For many of our students as well
as the parent chaperones, it
was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Given the current budget crisis it is a privilege and a real treat to have a free day at the opera!”