‘Mamemaki’ Fun at Dunsmore Elementary

Dunsmore father and kinder daughter, Lily and Paco Farias.

Japanese FLAG and English kindergarten classes celebrated Setsubun on Friday, Feb. 1 at Dunsmore Park. This event celebrates the coming of spring.

Kindergarten students and parents participated in a bean-throwing event called mamemaki. It is symbolic of the action of getting rid of the negativity from the previous year and welcoming good and positivity for the coming year. It is a common school and community event in Japan. Not only does it drive out evil spirits and the seeds of misfortune, it is also a prayer for the family’s well-being and good business. One person acts as the goblin and runs around while the others throw beans at the person. Dunsmore Elementary kindergarteners made the goblin masks and had great fun running around with their parents.

Contributed by Viehanoosh NAZARIAN

Dunsmore father and kinder having fun WEB
Dunsmore kindergarten student Isabella Hua and her father.
Dunsmore kindergartener Sonia Hernandez and her father.