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Ivy Hopper is a teen columnist who talks with authors and fans of books that are currently being read by today’s youth.

Hey, girls, with the hype of American Idol getting 27 million viewers last week I decided to talk about a singing movie this week. Albert Hartfeld is the director of the DVD movie “Pastor Jones: Heavenly Voices” presented by

Ivy: What attracted you to direct this project?

Hartfeld: This movie is funny and heart warming. It leaves you feeling inspired and who doesn’t need a little inspiration?

Ivy: What can my teen readers get from this movie?

Hartfeld: The main character in this movie is a young teenage girl who has lost her mother and has to live with her alcoholic abusive father. Her only escape and joy is her love of singing. And with the help of her church’s choir she gains the confidence to be herself and the strength to stand up to her father. This movie shows us that despite all the pain and obstacles we face we can rise above our circumstances and be an inspiration to others.

Ivy: Is this movie part of a series?

Hartfeld: Pastor Jones has other movies on DVD about other family oriented issues but this is the only one about singing and teens.

Ivy: What do you say to viewers who don’t watch religious movies?

Hartfeld: You can get something from all types of movies. The Pastor Jones movies are actually more about the characters and the obstacles/issues they face in their lives.

Ivy: I take it there are a lot of songs in the movie.

Hartfeld: There are very moving songs that are sung beautifully. These songs will inspire and empower the viewer to face their fears and reach for their dreams. We can accomplish anything if we have the faith and belief in ourselves.

Ivy: Where can my readers rent or get a copy?

Hartfeld: Blockbuster and Amazon all have copies. You may also check out

Ivy: Thanks, Albert. It was nice chatting with you.

Hartfeld: Likewise Ivy.

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