Then & Now | Pinecone and Pinelawn

Pinecone and Pinelawn then

THEN » In 1978, hillsides above the Pinecrest neighborhood that had burned three years previously cut loose after sustained rains, overwhelming the Shields Canyon debris basin, and roaring down Pinecone Road. In this view looking up Pinecone at the intersection of Pinelawn, a young family comes out to look at the devastation.

Pinecone and Pinelawn now

THEN »This is the same intersection today as the Foothills brace for mudslides after the Station Fire. As a result of the destruction wrought by the ’78 flood, the debris basin at the top of Pinecone Road was rebuilt with a much larger capacity. The County engineers feel pretty confident that it can handle whatever mudflow might result from a hard rain on our freshly denuded hills.