Los Angeles Magazine’s Baby and Beyond Expo

Photos by Charly SHELTON
Clothes, blankets and toys were for sale at the show.


Last weekend, Los Angeles Magazine hosted its first ever Baby and Beyond Expo in LA at the Skirball Cultural Center. This gathering gave parents – both new and veteran – the chance to see what resources are available for kids of any age. From nursing clothes and spit-up blankets to organic baby foods at different stages of complexity as the child ages to strollers and cribs that will transform for the growing child – all was found at the Expo.

The event took place at the Skirball Cultural Center’s Guerin Pavilion.

The show also hosted panels on various topics for parents to be aware of. One particularly helpful panel discussed children, parents and media – deciding when kids should be exposed to certain media types, when it’s okay to post your kid on social media and when children should be allowed access to the internet. These are all new topics for parents – it’s only in the last 10 years that they have had to grapple with the rise of the smartphone and internet access permeating all aspects of life.

Most new parents will go to their own parents and family for advice on how to approach certain topics. But some uncharted waters, in particular social media, often find new grandparents haven’t had the same level of exposure that today’s children will have just on their phone. What to share, how to share and selective access to certain educational websites – but not all websites – are a part of modern parenting as much as “stranger danger” and “say no to drugs” have been since the mid-20th century. The panel broached these topics and how their misuse could impact a child.

Overall, the show was very informative and a great resource for parents of all experience levels.

For information on Baby and Beyond Expos, visit BabyAndBeyondExpo.com.