‘Wreck It Ralph’ Destined to be a Classic

Photo Courtesy Disney Pictures Wreck It Ralph and Fix It Felix Jr. in front of their game building.
Photo Courtesy Disney Pictures
Wreck It Ralph and Fix It Felix Jr. in front of their game building.


Video game characters are just as important as movie characters to some. Master Chief is just as awesome as Rambo, Mario is more widely known than most film characters, and when you lose a game either to it being too old or the system becoming outdated, you miss those characters. This is the story of those characters we know and love, and what happens after the arcade closes for the night.

Wreck It Ralph is a bad guy. He has always been the bad guy of his game, Fix It Felix Jr. Felix gets all the attention; he lives in a beautiful penthouse surrounded by friends, he is greeted as a hero wherever he goes. He has the perfect life that Ralph dreams of as he sits in the dump where he lives, watching the Nicelanders and Felix warm in their homes.

That is until one day when Ralph has had enough. He is through being the bad guy. So he leaves his game in search of an opportunity where a bad guy can be a hero. He heads over to “Hero’s Duty” and wins a hero medal, but then is chased out of the game by an evil Cybug.

He crash lands in “Sugar Rush,” a cart racing game that is all candy themed. There he meets a programming glitch named Vanellope Von Schweetz who is the first person to ever really be nice to him and like him. But when Vanellope’s game is in jeopardy, it is up to the bad guy, Wreck It Ralph, to save everything.

What “Toy Story” did for toys, this movie does for video games. We can see what these characters that we know and love and many of us are attached to do after the arcade closes. It gives a new perspective on these games with a comical twist that is family-friendly but also speaks to the true gamers out there.

Ralph is the perfect character to lead the story. His character design and the interactions he has with the other characters of the world are really well written. Vanellope is all right, too. Not as clever an approach to a character, but she is what Ralph needs in that storyline. Overall, this is a very well laid out story and executed with the same expertise of any other Pixar movie. This will be a classic for sure.

Rated PG and starring the voice talents of John C. Reilly as Ralph, Sarah Silverman as Vanellope, Jack McBrayer as Fix It Felix Jr., and Alan Tudyk, who was amazing as the voice of the leader of the Sugar Rush kingdom, King Candy. I couldn’t identify his voice right away but because it was such an interesting voice, I pulled out the phone halfway through the movie- I had to know who it was. He was amazing.

I give this film 5 out of 5 gold coins.