Roaring Nights at the LA Zoo


Last week, the LA Zoo opened its doors after hours for a special event that gave guests a unique way to visit the resident animals. Roaring Nights at the LA Zoo is a special event series that takes place every month during the summer, each event built around a different theme. July’s theme was ’90s night, August will be country night and September is ’80s night. Each event includes concerts by bands like Saved by the ’90s (a ’90s music cover band), Highway Starr (country music cover band) and Flashback Heart Attack (’80s cover band). There are DJs as well playing music during the night at several stages throughout the park. There are also live animal encounters to interact with – the zoo’s residents in person – a “silent disco” where music is played through headphones rather than speakers, a “glamping” (glamour camping) cocktail bar called The Watering Hole, food trucks, bars, dancing and much more.

The best part of it all is seeing the animals in the evening when some of the nocturnal creatures are more active and it’s not so oppressively hot to walk all over the park.

Tickets are still available for the two upcoming events at Take a look at July’s event with these pictures.

Photos by Charly SHELTON