Historic Performance with Cal Phil and Alyson Stoner

California Philharmonic Maestro Victor Vener will blend the old with the new and classic music with modern dance when he partners with special guest Alyson Stoner to present an awe-inspiring performance of Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” during “Symphonic Dances” on Sunday, July 29. This is the orchestra’s third concert of the 2018 summer season.

“Our piece is unexpected and controversial, like Stravinsky’s original. There is much technique, much effort, and intention; however, you’ll see very few pirouettes and pointed toes,” Stoner said referring to the dance she also choreographed. “Instead, we’ll showcase bone breaking, waacking, vogue, krump, b-boy, commercial hip-hop and a diverse culture and community.”

Stoner shared that she was sure to understand “the musical arrangement and history in order to ensure proper respect and consideration for the creative direction we’re given.”

“I have been looking forward to this concert for a long time,” said Vener, who previously updated a classical score by incorporating popping dancers dressed as toy soldiers during a 2015 internet trending rendition of the “The Nutcracker.” “Alyson’s vast talent and creativity shine bright as she takes on this historic challenge and delivers a riveting one-of-a-kind performance that will leave people speechless and wanting more.”

An accomplished actress, singer, and dancer with more than a million followers worldwide, Stoner’s performance marks her debut with California Philharmonic as well as dancing with a full professional orchestra.

“Symphonic Dances” also features special guest and revered saxophonist Harvey Pittel. America’s foremost classical saxophonist, Pittel will perform John Williams’ dazzling and virtuosic saxophone solo “Catch Me If You Can” as well as three of the most vibrant ballet classics ever composed.

Cal Phil at Walt Disney Concert Hall performances start at 2 p.m., with the intimate pre-concert Talks With The Maestro at 1 p.m. in BP Hall.

The California Philharmonic is supported by the California Philharmonic Society, a non-profit community benefit organization whose primary emphasis at this time is to support the California Philharmonic.
More information about Cal Phil’s 2018 Summer Schedule, its line-up of special guests, and tickets are available at www.CALPHIL.com.