Dull, Dreary and Dismal- the 3 D’s of “Attack of the Movies 3D”


Attack of the Movies 3D is a three-dimensional arcade game by Majesco for the Xbox 360 and the Wii. It is an arcade-style shooter, but on a console. This reviewer anticipated the arrival of this game with the utmost glee.

My favorite arcade game ever was Terminator 2. The robots would pop up, the player would shoot them. That’s it: the full game. And so this being the exact same premise, it promised to at least be enjoyable. Sorry to say that this game did not fulfill that promise.

I can’t really say why. It was just boring. The game walks the player through several different genres of film – horror, sci-fi, historical, among others – and even variations thereupon, where all the player has to do is shoot. When giant bugs swarm up the building – you shoot. Skeletons run at you – you shoot. Not bad for a game idea, but the execution was disappointing. The sensitivity of the control stick, even at its lowest setting, is hard to control because the small spring that the Xbox controller houses to return the stick to the center provides too much pull to really hold a bead on the target. When you think you have him in the cross hairs and you are about to pull the trigger, the cursor flutters away as the target moves. It is ridiculous.

The big gimmick for video games now is 3D. Attack of the Movies is in two-color (red/cyan) 3D that is supposed to pop off the screen like the old ‘50s B-horror movies. But the 3D effect is so weak, it’s barely noticeable.

Toy Story Mania for the Wii had a 3D option, and even that was only OK. Attack of the Movies was just a waste of time. If you want a 3D game, either buy a 3D TV (which is in roughly the $3,000 ballpark) or maybe deal with less-than-exceptional-but-still-interesting games like the aforementioned Toy Story Mania or even Batman: Arkham Asylum – Game of the Year Edition. This has two-color 3D (as opposed
to polarized like the Sony 3D TV) but the Batman 3D is green and purple lenses, and
is an OK effect. Definitely better as a game than
Attack of the Movies,  Arkham Asylum will keep you entertained when you put this game back in its case after 10 minutes.

Overall, the best you can do with this game is see how much GameStop is asking for it.  Let’s hope it’s better on the Wii.

I give this game 1 out of 5 stars.