Gina Zollman Takes Center Stage at the Catalina Jazz Club

Gina Zollman on stage at the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood with guest vocalist Tod Macofsky, Photo by Charly SHELTON



Singer/songwriter Gina Zollman recently released her debut album, “Anywhere With You,” combining old standards from The Great American Songbook with original songs for a journey through “love, loss and how much I weighed.” And to celebrate the release of her first CD, Zollman took to the stage at the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood for a live performance.

One particular song, “An Hour or So in the Dark,” seemed to strike a particular chord with the audience. In a post-COVID world where people know what it’s like to not have the luxury of visiting a theatre and getting lost in the spectacle, this song is a love letter to the stage in all its forms as audience members sat together and forgot their “real lives” and the troubles of the world for an hour or so while watching a performance. This song, an original composition by the artist, is both the opening track on the CD and was the opening number in Zollman’s performance at the Catalina jazz Club. And it really started off the evening in a great way, putting the audience in the right mindset.

In addition to the compositions of “An Hour or So in the Dark,” “Anywhere With You” and others, Zollman also incorporated songs she has written for musicals as well as classics like “Someone to Watch Over Me” and “How are Things in Glocca Morra?”

“I’m having the time of my life releasing this CD,” Zollman said in a press release. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and now I’m getting around to doing it. I’m unleashing my creativity in this new passion project and loving every minute. This album is really close to my heart. The songs on my album I’ve sung on stages across the Southland. I chose them for very personal reasons, because they spoke to me, and tell my truth. They are the harvest of my singing life.”

The CD is now available for purchase at

Photo by Lesley Bohm