GBK Music Lounge Held in L.A.



Last weekend saw the Grammy Awards and with the ceremony came the GBK Productions Music Lounge at The Standard hotel in Downtown L.A. CVW reporters Charly Shelton and Sabrina Walentynowicz were on scene to take part in the festivities.


The gifting suite welcomed celebrities such as Tommy Chong, Tahj Mowry and Anita Wilson who received numerous gifts and experiences in celebration of the Grammy Awards, held the following night.

Some of the great companies at the gifting suite were Contesta Rock Hair, a hair salon in New York and Miami that has recently entered the world of hair care products with a passion for quality, Clear View Audio which gave away Clio speakers, their revolutionary new speaker that turns a pane of glass into a sound system, Tweezerman that gifted a line of ever-sharp tweezers and clippers,, a new phone app and service on iOS and Android that will notify the authorities and record in the event of an attack and Nuvino Wine, the first wine in a pouch that you won’t be embarrassed to drink from.

These sponsors were all working to help charities at the event – Alfalit International and the Grammy Museum.



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