My Lowe’s extended protection plan doesn’t work. Can you fix my dishwasher?

Joy Wills’ dishwasher doesn’t work. Her extended protection plan purchased through Lowe’s isn’t working, either. It’s been six months – will she ever get a working appliance?

Q: I’m having difficulty getting Lowe’s to honor the extended protection plan that we purchased on our GE dishwasher. I can’t get any power to the appliance. Despite numerous visits by technicians, checking on the electrical issues ourselves and speaking with or emailing at least 15 different customer service agents at the call center, we are still without a functional dishwasher.

I have sent an email outlining the issues and requesting a resolution to the executive customer relations agent who responded most recently, as well as to your executive contacts. I have not heard back from them.

I am disabled and can’t easily wash dishes by hand. That was the reason we purchased this dishwasher to begin with. It’s been six months since my first call. I want my dishwasher replaced as soon as possible with a comparable and working model. Joy Wills, Hannibal, Missouri

A: You bought an extended warranty for your dishwasher through Lowe’s. It should have either fixed your appliance quickly or replaced it.

I reviewed the terms of your extended protection plan. It promises that if your appliance fails for a covered reason, it will be “restored to normal operating condition” but it doesn’t specify a timeline. That’s the problem. Lowe’s can technically make you wait for as long as it wants and you don’t have a choice. But we can all agree that six months is way too long.

I’m not a fan of extended protection plans for two reasons. First, the manufacturer or retailer should stand behind their products. So if something breaks, they should fix it without demanding you pay extra. And second, the terms on these warranties contain loopholes big enough to fit your dishwasher through. They’re often worthless.

I have more information about how to negotiate better service on my consumer advocacy site I see that you also tried to contact a Lowe’s executive. Nice job on the self-advocacy!

I contacted Lowe’s on your behalf. After considerable back-and-forth with the company, someone from Lowe’s extended protection plan called you. That representative offered you $634 (the amount you originally paid for the dishwasher), which you accepted. Lowe’s also gave you a $100 credit for installing a new dishwasher.

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