Weekly Horoscope


March 21 – April 19

The good news is that Mercury turns direct on Tuesday, which may end three weeks of delays and misunderstandings that have affected your love life. On Sunday, Mercury and Mars aspect Uranus in your social zone, which suggests that other people may be instrumental in your success by giving you support and feedback. You may be thinking about taking a risk, too. There will be a Full Moon in Aries on Saturday, which will bring bright and powerful dreams your way.


June 21 -July 22

If you have felt frustrated by the recent turn of events, Mercury will now turn direct, allowing you to catch up and to get back into the race. You could also find yourself getting quite emotional about an issue that has been bothering you lately. Try not to make a snap decision nor do anything you might regret. You may be inspired by a book, a conversation, or even a course to aim for higher things.


May 21 -June 20

If you have been waiting for Mercury retrograde to end before putting your house on the market, you can now move ahead – the process of buying or selling should go that much more smoothly. There is also a Full Moon on Saturday in your social zone, which is great for parties, having fun, and making new friends. As emotions may run high this week, try not to do anything impulsively that you might regret.


January 20 -February 18

There is a possibility of lucrative deals if you play your cards right. The Full Moon in Aries on Tuesday

means any issues or misunderstandings that remain unresolved may come to a head. Don’t overreact – it will not help. Over the weekend, you may be in a more risk-taking mood than usual, especially where your finances are concerned. However, there is also the chance of a lucrative deal that may come out of the blue. Remain alert and grab this opportunity.


October 23 -NOVEMBER 21

There have been many changes in your social life recently, which has encouraged you to think about

the kind of people you hang out with. While you adore your old friends, your new friends have that special something and you can’t help going back for more. This week, Mercury turns direct in Virgo, so any misunderstandings that have arisen should be cleared away over the coming days and weeks. There is also the possibility of travel to an exciting destination.


November 22 -December 21

A Full Moon in Aries means you can reap the rewards for your creative and entrepreneurial efforts. If you feel emotional about your love life, don’t act on the spur of the moment. Wait a few days first. The weekend is highlighted because Mercury and Mars aspect Uranus. You may be seized by a powerful idea, and feel moved to take a risk in order to follow it through. Make sure you calculate the odds before you go ahead.


February 19 -March 20

Mercury will aspect Mars twice over the coming week,

which may coincide with a new love affair that gets off to a passionate start. The attraction between you may be intellectual at first, but this will soon change to something much more physical. You have also been through a difficult period in your relationships, whether these are business related or romantic. Mercury turns direct on Tuesday, so it will be easier to discuss matters so that the outcome benefits everyone.


JULY 23 – AU GUST 22

This week, your finances continue to be in focus. Thankfully, Mercury will turn direct on Tuesday, which means that any delays in this area should soon be sorted out. The Full Moon in Aries on Saturday marks the start of a fast-paced weekend in which you seem to be ready to take it to the limit. You may feel a powerful urge to make an impulse purchase on Sunday. Think very carefully about whether it is necessary or not.


April 20 -May 20

Both Mercury and Mars aspect Uranus this week, so an idea may motivate you to take immediate action, but mind how you go! There continues to be a lot of activity in your work and health zones. This week you will begin to see an improvement after all your recent efforts. The Full Moon in your sign on Saturday may bring a lot of emotion to the surface, so expect issues that have been pushed under the carpet to demand your attention.


December 22 -January 19

If you are doing a lot of travelling, you will be glad to know that Mercury turns direct. This should put an end to any delays you have had to endure. From Tuesday onward is it safe to start legal proceedings, sign documents, and commit to projects and contracts. You may find yourself very excited about the possibility of a new course of action. Don’t rush headfirst into anything. Do think about the risks involved before you make a start.


August 23 -September 22

Mercury, your ruling planet, turns direct this week, meaning you can now go ahead with all kinds of projects that have been delayed. Ideas will be plentiful and the more you are willing to network and socialize the easier it will be to resolve your problems. There is a Full Moon in your joint financial zone on Saturday, so do not do anything spontaneously that you may regret. If you take a risk on Sunday, be careful.


September 23 -October 22

A Full Moon in your relationship zone on Saturday means your feelings may be very intense at this time – try not to overreact. Wait a couple of days before you make any important decisions. Mercury aspects Mars in your career zone twice over the coming week. An idea may be forming in the back of your mind, and you may be wondering whether to go ahead or not. It may seem so appealing that you are ready to risk it all.


by John Deering and John Newcombe