Can I get my money back for this Samsung ADT starter security kit?

Samsung offers Joe King a refund for his home security starter kit, but then refuses to pay him. Can it do that?

 Q: I purchased a Samsung SmartThings ADT Home Security Starter Kit and accessories from Lowe’s last year. A short while later, Samsung ended support for it and offered refunds to customers.

I submitted my refund request in April 2022, and Samsung approved my refund in August but only after I filed a complaint with the BBB.

Samsung initially denied my claim because it said Lowe’s was not an authorized dealer but after I filed my BBB complaint, it said it made a mistake and approved my refund claim.

I’ve returned the devices but I still haven’t received my refund. Recently, I got a notification that my refund ticket was canceled. I’ve contacted Samsung support a few times but I still haven’t received my money.

Samsung keeps telling me it will start a new support ticket and someone will be contacting me but that never happens. I’ve been dealing with this for a year now and I’ve run out of patience. Can you help me? – Joe King, Kingsport, Tennessee

A: The Samsung SmartThings ADT Home Security Starter Kit is a box of essential items for a home security system. It has just over two stars out of five on the Samsung site and it appears to be out of stock.

I suspect it had the same low rating at the time you bought it. When a product has a low rating on the company’s own website, I would avoid it.

I share your annoyance with being bounced between Lowe’s and Samsung. If you purchased the product through Lowe’s, the retailer should have helped you return it and obtain a refund. (Lowe’s has not responded to my advocacy team’s recent requests for help.)

I publish the names, numbers and email addresses of the key Samsung executives on my consumer advocacy site, A brief, polite email to one of them might have expedited your refund.

You were more than patient with Samsung and Lowe’s. You included the paper trail between you and Samsung, and I could feel my blood pressure rising as I read it. They just kept stringing you along. There’s no excuse for that.

I contacted Samsung on your behalf. A short while later, Samsung sent you a full refund.

“I don’t know how you managed to get their attention, but whatever you did it got the ball rolling,” you told me. “I don’t know if this ever have been resolved without your help, short of a lawsuit.”

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