Mars in cancer suggests that you want to make changes about the home. this is a good time to decorate, clear, and redesign the garden or perhaps do some decorating. mercury turns retrograde at the end of the week, so be more careful than usual when signing contracts or developing new business partnerships. mixed messages are also possible. your social life continues to be exciting as long as you are willing to make some effort. get out – have fun!


Your communication zone is emphasized this week, encouraging you to speak out and say what you have to say. Be especially careful on Thursday, as it may be all too easy to provoke an argument. A clash of ideas could cause problems. Mercury turns retrograde in your work zone Sunday, which is going to bring delays to projects and plans overall. Use this opportunity to clear out your office, and do make sure you backup files on your computer for safety.


How are your finances? Mars in your financial zone suggests that you are busy making plans. You are usually quite shrewd when it comes to money matters, so this is a good time to reflect on your budget, and decide whether it is really working for you. Mercury will turn retrograde in your love affairs zone on Sunday. Lovers may seem preoccupied and may not get back to you on time. Don’t worry. They will get in touch eventually.


You are feeling a lot more boisterous and energetic lately. This is a good time to get on with projects that have been left on the back burner. Obstacles will melt away as you enthusiastically get down to work. Mercury will turn retrograde in your home zone, which means this isn’t the best time to buy or sell a property. If you are thinking about moving, wait until after September 29. Then, the process will flow much more smoothly.


The focus on your personal financial zone encourages you to face up to your situation and resolve it speedily. Whatever you to, don’t bury your head in the sand. Mercury turns retrograde on Sunday in your communication zone, and will remain so until September 29. Be very careful over the coming weeks when signing deals or buying cars, computers, equipment, or gadgets. Be sure to keep the receipts, as you might have to return your stuff sooner than you thought.


Your social life looks a lot more exciting than it has in some time. Your appointments book could get quite busy this coming week, but don’t fall out with a friend over something that turns out to be quite trivial. If you are in business, networking will bring many benefits. Mercury turns retrograde on Sunday in your personal financial zone, which means delays and possible errors where your money is concerned. Be sure to keep receipts and check bank statements.


With the Sun in Virgo and in your Twelfth House, it is time to reflect on all that you achieved over the past year, and on any successes or failures. Think about what you have learned, and how you could have done things better. Also, prepare your plans for the future, and set your goals for the next 12 months. This will give you the ability to release the past and create space for your future dreams to manifest more quickly.

SCORPIO – OCTOBER 23 -November 21

If you want to expand your skill set, this is a good time to take a course that will give you the tools you need to succeed at your career. The desire to travel may be particularly strong, and you may want to enjoy an exotic break far away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Mercury turns retrograde on Sunday, and this may interfere with your ability to connect with your intuition. You may doubt yourself unnecessarily. Get feedback!


If you have debts and are having trouble paying your mortgage or other loans, you will be motivated to find a solution that will work better for you in the long term. This isn’t a time to beat about the bush, if you need help then get it and save yourself any additional worry and stress. Mercury turns retrograde on Sunday in your social zone, bringing the possibility of mixed messages and misunderstandings with friends. Try to be as clear as you can.


You will have plenty of opportunity to clear the air as far as your relationships are concerned. If anything has been repressed, this is the time it will come out into the open. Talking heart-to-heart and listening to what each other has to say will go a long way to making things easier between you. If your relationship has been stagnant, it will be so no more. From Sunday on, watch out for misunderstandings with your boss when Mercury turns retrograde.


You will be in a much more competitive mood than usual, especially where health and fitness are concerned. If your friends are looking fit and fabulous, you’ll want to look even better. You will be very motivated to workout, eat more healthily, and do whatever it takes to shape up. Mercury turns retrograde in your travel zone on Sunday, which may coincide with delays and obstacles if you’re travelling abroad. Stay cool, adopt a philosophical approach, and go with the flow.


If you are single, you may feel a lot more enthusiastic about dating and meeting new people. You could be quite competitive in this area too. If you have joined a dating site, be extra careful from Sunday on when Mercury turns retrograde.

Mars has recently moved into Cancer, stirring up feelings and encouraging certain people to be more moody than usual. The Sun is in hard-working Virgo, Mercury in Libra, and Venus in Leo. It’s a real mixed bag! However, Mercury will be turning retrograde on Sunday and will turn direct once again on September 29. Use this retrograde period to reflect on your motives, clear out clutter and make yourself some space. Sparkly Jupiter is also retrograde, teaching you to make your own luck!