When Eating Out, Don’t Be A Jerk


As outdoor seating becomes the standard, don’t be a jerk.

1. Don’t run your server. Try your best to ask for everything you need at once. Remember it’s going to be a long walk from the street into the building for more water or anything else. Help us out by asking all at once.

2. No mask jokes or your views on them. The server has to wear it. They have no choice and really – your opinion of them while you’re eating not wearing one means nothing to them.

3. The server is wearing the mask to protect you and you have nothing on to protect them. Wash your hands.

4. You eat … you go. Eat your meal. Have some drinks but please do not sit at a table all night unless you continue to spend money. These restaurants are working with very limited space. They can’t afford for you to order two side salads and water and sit there four hours. Yes some people do that all the time.

5. Don’t come out if you are sick.

6. Social distancing: keep your kids at the table. Yes, they’re cute but if they are running around they are getting too close to other people.

7. Cut everyone some slack. Everything may be a bit slow because this is basically a new job for everyone. Be kind.

8. Tip. They are going to be sweating wearing masks all to make a buck. Please treat them right and leave a decent tip. If you can’t afford to tip you can’t afford to go out.

9. Be pleasant. You should be happy. You’re finally out.

10. Realize that the staff is doing their best.

11. Remember you have three meals a day every day of your life. This is only one of them. Calm down and enjoy it!

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