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This is not a traditional love story, this is a thank you to two people I love very much: My adorable husband of 38 years, Chuck, and my oldest daughter Alicia.     Since I have been faced with some disabilities for the past two years – not being able to drive, do banking, grocery shop or run other errands outside our home much less do a lot inside – they have stepped up to care for me above and beyond the call of duty.

I know I do not have as severe disabilities as some may, but when I am in pain it can be horrific. They put up with my requests as demanding as they can be. I need help from getting on my shoes to lifting items around the house. Both of them have jobs, but continue to care for me as well as household items to keep our family going.

It can be inconvenient at times for some of my requests and I can be demanding but I couldn’t get through this without them.

I love both of you very much.
Valerie Andrews
La Crescenta

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My wonderful husband Jay and I met seven years ago this March. After some convincing from a co-worker to go on a dating website, I finally agreed. Within one week on the site, I found my best friend and soul mate.

We both knew after only two dates together that we were meant to marry. Eight months after our first date, my husband, the true romantic that he is, took me on my first cruise. It was an eight-day Mexican Riviera cruise. On the second night, my husband proposed to me in the theater, on stage, in front of well over a thousand people, which also included my soon to be in-laws.     I wondered why we were taking a romantic cruise with his family!

He had pre-arranged with the ship’s entertainment director a mock contest giveaway so we would have to come up on stage. Then he proposed.

What woman would say no to a proposal like that? Even though we have only been married six years this coming June, we have already had our share of tribulations. We almost lost each other early on due to different illnesses. We have lost babies, family and friends. But, with faith, communication, respect, compassion, laughter, and love, it has only made our love and marriage stronger.

And in January 2011 we were blessed with a healthy, beautiful baby girl who just celebrated her first birthday!

Dreams do come  true.
To my best friend and Valentine Jay.
Love, your wife Jennifer.
Jennifer Eatherton
La Crescenta