GWP Launches Peak Day Alerts Program

Glendale Water & Power (GWP) has launched the Peak Day Alerts program to encourage residents to conserve energy on extremely hot days or during heat waves. Similar to the California Independent System Operator’s Flex Alerts, Peak Day Alerts are part of a behavioral demand response (BDR) program where GWP communicates with customers through email or phone the day prior to an expected peak day. The message asks customers to conserve energy while providing them with information on how and when to conserve. The day after the peak day, customers receive feedback about how much energy they conserved and how their efforts helped the City reduce its peak load.

“Peak Day Alerts play a significant role in communicating the importance of conservation and engaging our customers to take action in extremely high temperature situations. Our customers respond very well to these alerts, and help us reduce the strain on our electrical grid. Our customers also become more aware of their energy use and start to change habits which help them save money and conserve energy,” said Steve Zurn, general manager of GWP.

GWP has offered the BDR program for four years and has demonstrated high levels of customer satisfaction. Over 70% of customers who receive peak alerts take action to reduce their energy usage.

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