Monrovia Visits La Crescenta

Photo by Denis Callet

Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy (AFC) advisor and wildlife photographer Denis Callet captured footage of Monrovia, the first cougar to be rescued, rehabilitated and released in the state of California. The female cougar was found with paws burned so badly that she could barely walk. Her burns were likely sustained during the Bobcat Fire.
Discovered in Monrovia on Sept. 21 by a local resident, the Cougar Conservancy responded and worked with the California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife to safely capture her for veterinary treatment. With her paws healed through a variety of burn treatments, she was cured of infections and was 18 pounds heavier when released in a remote area of the Angeles National Forest on Oct. 23.
Two weeks later Callet was at the Rosemont Preserve in La Crescenta checking one of his remotely located cameras when he was startled to see a mountain lion with a tracking collar among his images. While Callet has captured four other cougars there since 2015, this was the first with a collar. He quickly realized it was likely the injured one from Monrovia.
“Every image of wildlife that we capture on our trail cameras is thrilling, but this one gave me goosebumps,” Callet said. “She is a survivor, for sure. She is now healthy and back in the wilderness where she belongs. We hope to see her again from time to time visiting AFC Nature Preserves in the foothills above the San Gabriel Valley.”
Callet maintains 27 cameras along the San Gabriel and Verdugo Mountain foothills, and AFC has about 40 in the region. A volunteer team of 23 community scientists gathers and analyzes data from AFC’s cameras.