Digital Papers Now Available!!!

Now available on a digital device near you- CVWeekly in electronic format.

Some people like our hard copy edition of the paper.  Some prefer our online edition,  But now, you can have a digital copy of our printed paper to go with you anywhere, available for all tablets and most eReader devices.  Just download the file below in .PDF format, then transfer it to your device (iPad, Smartphone, Nook, etc.) and take our paper to go with you anytime.

Issues are offered starting June 2011, and continuing from then on.  To request a back issue in digital format, please email our Techno Wizard with the date of the issue and it will be rezzed in and posted online.  Contact our Techno Wizard via email at

Check back here every Thursday Morning to pick up your digital paper from the Crescenta Valley Weekly.

Issue June 16, 2011

Issue June 9, 2011

Issue June 2, 2011