First of its kind dialysis center finds a home at Verdugo Hills Hospital

Photo by Ted AYALA KDCVH staff: (from left): Rafael Tachin, Ivan Chandran, Dr. Michael Habashy, Jennisha Rambaran, Ivet Sarkissian, and Sosie Mardirossian.


Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases in the modern world. Because of the wide availability of junk food and the increased use of personal transportation, Americans are finding it harder than ever to stave off the disease. According to the American Diabetes Association, the number of adult Americans that will be diagnosed with diabetes may double or even triple by 2050. Doctors and scientists are working hard to keep this growing problem in check and help those already stricken with the disease receive the treatment they need.

So it is a great source of pride that Verdugo Hills Hospital should be the home for a unique kidney dialysis center that is first of its kind in California. The Kidney Dialysis Center of Verdugo Hills is breaking the path for coping with diabetes, offering its patients a new method of dialysis that helps patients live normal lives: nocturnal dialysis.

Dr. Ajay Tucker of the KDCVH is very excited about this pioneering procedure and explained why nocturnal dialysis is a major breakthrough in diabetes treatment.

“[The dialysis] is done while the patient sleeps. This is important because many patients require a slow dialysis that only nocturnal dialysis can provide,” said Dr. Tucker. “Because of this, nocturnal dialysis is the most effective form of dialysis as it most closely mimics the function of real kidneys.”

Medical director for the KDCVH, Dr. Michael Habashy added that it was exciting to serve the Crescenta Valley with a diabetes center that is not only unique in the state, but is also the only one that serves this community.

“Just think about it,” he enthused. “Instead of having to drive to downtown and fight traffic to get to your dialysis treatment, you can just take a short drive to our center. […] A lot of [professionals] don’t have time to waste during the day to drive around everywhere and take off a few hours during the day for their dialysis. Here at the KDCVH we allow our patients to live normal lives by having a center that is conveniently close to them and is able to provide them with a dialysis that can be done during their ‘off time.’”

Having the center at the Verdugo Hills Hospital is another convenience for patients. “As a physician it makes me comfortable to know that should they need it, we can get our patients into the ER in five minutes,” said Dr. Tucker. The KDCVH is the only dialysis center in California that is located within a hospital. “Even with parking it’s so much more convenient. Our patients can enjoy the ample parking of the hospital.”

The KDCVH is inviting the community to come to its open house on Friday, Nov. 19 from noon to 2 p.m. at the center’s suite. Visitors will be able to meet the staff, learn how the dialysis treatments work, and how the KDCVH can benefit them or loved ones suffering from diabetes.

For further details about the open house, contact Ivan Chandran at (626) 628-6997.

KDCVH is located at 1808 Verdugo Road, Suite 200 in Glendale. For information call (818) 790-0712.