Local Grads Open Store


Family owned Electronics Beyond has established itself as one of the community’s up and coming local stores, providing onsite electronics sales and repairs to area customers for the past three years.

Artur Kasabyan runs the store along with his brothers Edgar and Greg, all of who are Crescenta Valley High graduates.

Artur also attended Clark Magnet High and has lived in Montrose for the past 15 years.

“We’re really happy in La Crescenta. People here support small businesses,” said Kasabyan, who noted that the store has enjoyed a host of repeat customers over the past three years.

The brothers originally dabbled with the idea of opening a restaurant, but with a collective interest in technology, they decided that electronics was the way to go. Kasabyan, a 2008 CV graduate, continues to maintain an interest in programming, while his older brother, Edgar, has a degree in computer science. Their youngest brother, Greg, just graduated from Crescenta Valley High this past summer.

Since opening their store in La Crescenta, a second location has been established in Van Nuys and the trio is also looking into a potential third location in Pasadena.

Kasabyan felt that part of their success has stemmed from attention to customers’ needs. Whereas bigger chains may prioritize serving as many customers as possible within a certain time frame, Kasabyan said that way of thinking can lead to individual customers not receiving the attention they deserve.

“We value customer service,” he said. “We go over all the options available for a customer’s issue, even if that means referring them to another store that might have parts we don’t on that particular day.”

But Kasabyan said that such an approach hasn’t hurt them, as many of their loyal customers have assured them that they could wait for items to arrive at Electronics Beyond.

All Electronics Beyond employees, including the Kasabyan brothers, handle repairs, but Artur said that their sales opportunities can often go overlooked. Smartphones, tablets, televisions, computers and more are available at Electronics Beyond, with a variety of brand name products.

Electronics Beyond is located at 3448 Foothill Boulevard in La Crescenta. For more information, visit www.electronicsbeyond.com or call the store at (818) 900-4049.