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Setting the Stage for Fall!

Barbara Hermes Hannegan captured the magic of a fall night in the Montrose Shopping Park.
Barbara Hermes Hannegan captured the magic of a fall night in the Montrose Shopping Park.

I just got back from a few days in the mountains where fall is most definitely in the air. At night it’s cool and crisp and you need a warm jacket and cozy socks. As you walk along, breathing in the pine-scented air, fallen leaves crunch beneath your feet. Don’t you just love fall?

Here in our Southern California part of the world, we have the seasons but they are just more subtle. To really get in “fall mode” we have to help things along a bit. This year in the Montrose Shopping Park we have started something new. We have set the stage for fall. We want the town to have that same magic that comes at Christmas, a place where you “just have to” come and soak up the atmosphere.

The trees have been expertly wrapped with orange lights by Jerry Uebel and his team. They take the lights high into the branches. We designed pole banners produced by MSP’s Total Graphics that say “Fall In Love with Montrose” and we are in the process of hanging glittery pumpkins, cats, skeletons and ghosts from the trees as we head towards Spooktacular. From the reaction we are getting it looks like folks are thrilled.

While up in the mountains, I stayed away from the Internet, news, and email. (You should try it! So refreshing and it clears your head.) Upon arriving home, it was time to check Facebook and see what’s up. There were several pics posted of the Montrose Shopping Park. Therene Wharton, who walks to work at Avignon’s, was so thrilled with the orange lights she posted a pic for all her friends to see. You could feel her childlike delight.

Long time La Crescenta resident Barbara Hermes Hannegan posted a close up shot of one of the new pole banners with the full moon behind it. When I asked if I could share her photo with you she wrote, “I love the banners and the orange lights on the trees and was telling people about them.  I was talking to someone on Saturday and she was telling me how much she loves shopping in Montrose and how pretty the whole shopping park is. I hear that a lot from people. She comes here to the Wunderbar Pilates to workout.”

This is the best advertising one can have, sincere word of mouth, sharing something special that you want your friends to experience.

This weekend we have more memories that are waiting to be made. This is our 4th Shop & Dine Friday when many of our Mom & Pop retail stores are staying open until 7p.m. so you can shop and then go dine afterwards. And of course, Oktoberfest is this Saturday. Two great reasons to come and “Fall In Love With Montrose.” We invite you to become our Facebook friend (Montrose Shopping Park) and see some fun pics as we head to Oktoberfest and Spooktacular.

Thanks for reading!

Mary Dawson serves as vice president for the MSPA board. She and her family own Revelation Tops and Mountain Rose Gifts.