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Happy 3-Year Anniversary,
CV Weekly!

Here’s a peek into our recent MSPA board meeting. Thanks CV Weekly and all pictured for your tremendous support!
Here’s a peek into our recent MSPA board meeting. Thanks CV Weekly and all pictured for your tremendous support!

This week I celebrated another birthday. Among the singing, fun, greetings and presents there also comes time to pause and appreciate the seasons in your life. Beginning them and ending them can be hard but it sure is nice when you are in the midst of one and are enjoying it because it’s running smoothly, like a Vita-Mix blender. Thus we toast the third year of writing this column for the CV Weekly.

At our last MSPA board meeting, we got to thank Robin Goldsworthy publicly for giving us the opportunity to tell you about what is going on in our beloved shopping park. We had great attendance at the meeting as business owners, City of Glendale staff, chamber leaders and reporters all joined together for the good of the MSPA (Montrose Shopping Park Association). I was able to share with the group how the inspiration for writing these articles and publicizing the town started.

Some of you have heard this story before, but for those who haven’t, I remember it like it was yesterday.

One sunny Montrose morning, I wandered over to what was then Oven Fresh Bakery. I heard there was a new owner and wanted to give the bakery a try. I discovered these delicious Mexican sweet rolls with pink sugar patterned on top and they were only 3 for $1. I bit into one and it was still warm, fresh and so delicious. I had never had anything like them and thought to myself other people have to find out about these! One thing led to another and in 2009 I found myself writing this column.

Over the last three years, more than 139 articles have been shared giving you an inside look about our “one of a kind” stores, cafés, and salons, as well as the people who are the passion behind them. We have gotten the scoop on what to buy at the weekly Harvest Market as well as the creativity behind our many family events. There are occasional peeks inside the MSPA and reporting on filming fun and stars in Montrose.

The Montrose Shopping Park is a place like no other, a “Mayberry”-type shopping street that encourages entrepreneurs and “Mom & Pop” to flourish. We truly have the “small town America” feel in the midst of the big city. It’s not “manufactured” but is real and people are drawn to it. Thank you for supporting us and shopping local so we can keep it this way.

And thank you Robin, Mary O’Keefe, and CV Weekly for your wonderful paper. Your heart and soul is in it and we all love Thursday when the new paper comes out! Happy three-year anniversary and many more!

Mary Dawson promotes the Montrose Shopping Park. She and her family own Mountain Rose Gifts and Revelation Tops.