A Grand Re-Opening of an Old Fish Friend

The Fish Cove new owners Bruce and Melinda Ferris celebrate the store’s grand reopening with Leonard Ghazarian, Rita Hadjimanoukian and Eleanor Wacker.


The Fish Cove had its grand re-opening on Saturday. The store has been the place for aquarium enthusiasts for over 20 years. When owner Curtis Michael began talking about selling the store a local family decided to turn their hobby into their job.

“My husband (Bruce) has been coming here for 19 years. He found out that [the owner] wanted to sell,” said owner Melinda Ferris. So the couple decided this would be the perfect opportunity to make a living at doing what they love. They have been the proud new owners of the Fish Cove for two months.

Customers will find that though some changes have been made, much has remained the same. Bruce and Melinda have done some remodeling but left all the aquariums in place. “We had been in negotiations with [Michael] for a while. He agreed not to sell off his inventory,” Ferris said.

It is a place for the true aquarium hobbyist. In the back of the store are a number of aquariums with brightly colored fish that live in saltwater tank. A trip to the store is worth a walk through this area of bright pink, red and orange fish. To one side of the store are the familiar aquariums that have a variety of fish for all kinds of tanks.

“We have a large deep sea aquarium [area] for non-photosynthesis fish,” Melinda said. She added that she is hoping to expand the patio area to add fish and plants for outdoor ponds.

The Fish Cove is located at 3902 Foothill Blvd.