Here comes the 27th Annual Arts & Crafts Festival

Mary Dawson

Oh boy! It’s time to get those “green” shopping sacks together. You are going to need them for all the loot you will find at this year’s Arts & Crafts Festival.
Did you know there are going to be over 425 artists, craftsmen, food vendors, farmers and musicians there? Yes, this year every booth is full! As always all three shopping blocks of Honolulu Avenue will be closed to traffic to make sure there is plenty of room for you to leisurely browse all of the booths. After all, this event, according to Councilman John Drayman, is one of the oldest of its kind in the state not to mention the largest event held in the city of Glendale.
I love this festival and look forward to it every year. I like to get there first thing Saturday morning before I open the store. Then it’s back on Sunday for whatever I missed. I have the privilege of shopping gift & craft wholesale markets across the country but nothing is quite like this festival. Each year I always find several unique handmade things that can only be found at this show. If you are a woman like me, you know we love the “thrill of the hunt.” Make a note to check out booth 9, Lauri Jo Designs. This Montrose local has a following for her handmade tees and night shirts. Booth 24, Corky’s, has been here 25 years with handmade Christmas ornaments.
This year’s festival takes place Saturday, June 5 from 10-6 and Sunday, June 6 from 10-5:30. The  Harvest Market will be there from 9 am on Sunday. There will be an international food court with great seating. Allow me to whet your appetite with Hawaiian Rotisserie Chicken, Bamboo Thai, Veta’s Wonderful World of Sausage, Barrett’s Lemonade, Tamales, roasted corn on a stick and American Barbeque, just to name a few. In the background you will be surrounded by our gorgeous mountains while hearing the sounds of The Gremoli New Orleans Jazz Band or The Martini Kings. I just can’t wait!
Once you are done shopping the crafters, hit the pavement and check out all the stores. As a store owner I can tell you we all get ready for this event with new, exciting goods just for you. There are over 200 one of a kind shops, restarants and salons in town. In addition to your faves check out the new stores like Montrose Candy Co. (the kids will love you), La Perla which is stocked with fine gifts, Bellies, Babies & Bosoms (such a cute store). Schedule a pedicure at the new Salon Du Soleil. After all that walking your feet will thank you. So mark your calendars now. This is one event you don’t want to miss. It’s shop ‘til you drop time in the Montrose Shopping Park. A special thank you goes to Dee Ovenden who has been our festival coordinator for the past six years.

Getting ready for the 27th Annual Arts & Crafts Festival are from left Thieves Market manager Jeff Decker, festival co-coordinator Dee Ovenden, Harvest Market manager Mark Sheridan and MSPA director Dale Dawson.

Mary Dawson owns Revelation Tops with her sister Carole, and serves as vice president of the Montrose Shopping Park