CVCOC Unveils New Logo, Positioning Statement

 CVCC logo 2014 b-w


The Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce works to promote local businesses and community activities with techniques both old and new. June 4 will feature the chamber’s annual mixer at Montrose Travel and June 27 is the Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament to raise proceeds for local scholarship programs.

But as businesses change and evolve, so must the Chamber, as illustrated by a recent logo change. Long represented by the “C” (presumably for Crescenta, though opinions differ) surrounding the easily identifiable mountains, the Chamber recently altered its logo, featuring another natural landmark of the foothills, a full and healthy tree.

Michael Riley, from the Chamber’s board of directors, elaborated on the logo change, which the Chamber hopes will reflect a more modern Crescenta Valley.

“The Chamber, like most businesses, has had to adapt to the current business climate,” said Riley. “With that in mind, we decided to concentrate on our core values – commerce and the community. To that end we came up with a new tag line, or positioning statement, that represents what the Chamber does for the community, ‘Our Business is Your Business.’ It has a double meaning for local businesses; it means that your business is important to us and that our business is important to you.”

The search for a “more contemporary image” yielded the tree logo, which Riley described as “all inclusive.” The logo is intended to “incorporate the text Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce into the design rather than have the text randomly placed alongside the ‘C’ and the floating clouds and/or mountains.”

Whether or not the “C” represents “Crescenta” remains unknown.

“In our research, we were not able to discover the origins of the old logo, Riley said. ‘Its history seems to be a mystery.”