Welcome to a new member who offers plenty of help

Ted Ayala

Earlier this month, the MVCCC held a ribbon cutting ceremony out in Sunland at Golam Chowdhury’s newly relocated bookstore, YourHelpfulBooks.com (8358 Foothill Blvd., Sunland). A wonderful ceremony was enjoyed, but what truly caught my eye was the veritable fountain of knowledge that lay stacked at Your HelpfulBooks.com. Heaping piles of books containing a wealth of information – motivational, spiritual, financial, legal, etc. – stacked nearly to the ceiling. What makes YourHelpfulBooks.com unique is the concentration of a particular kind of book: books that have the power to aid you and open a door to a better life.
Golam Chowdhury’s vision for this unique store began while he was a young man in his native Bangladesh. Developing a love of literature, he later came to the US and years later came upon a startling fact. “Every year over 300,000 books are published, but so many go unnoticed,” he explained. “So many books that could be of great help to people. Nobody knows about these life changing books. But I have brought them all here to my store.”
Indeed, the store is choc-a-bloc with books on all sorts of ways one can lead a better life. Whether you have problems with money, romance, stress, health, or even learn how to win over your fickle feline, YourHelpfulBooks.com has the answers for you.
Because they are able to obtain all these books that are looked over by your major vendors, YourHelpfulBooks.com is able to pass on the savings to the customer – by as much as 50% off of what you can even find online. Not only will you find books that uplift you here, but you’ll also be able to find fun gadgets that will make you smile. Come in today and receive a free international calling card. Students will also receive free pamphlets courtesy of Golam: Keys to School Success and Keys to College Success. For whatever problem you’re grappling with life, come down to YourHelpfulBooks.com and find the solution. To end with a thought from Golam, “Books can inspire revolutions. Great minds were inspired to change the world by reading books. I want to be that voice that helps inspire personal revolutions in every person.” For more information, please call YourHelpfulBooks.com at (818) 353-3821.
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Ted Ayala is the executive director of the Montrose-Verdugo City Chamber of Commerce.