Spring Elegance at Victori Ana

Mary Dawson

It is with great pleasure that I get to write about two of my favorite people in Montrose and their enchanting store. Marilyn, the owner of Victori Ana, is such a beautiful and gracious woman. If you look up the words “class,” “manners” and “good taste” in the dictionary you will find her picture there. Her brother Jerry I would describe as warm, caring, and genteel with a great sense of humor. Put the two of them together, with displays done by Elizabeth, and you have the essence of Victori Ana. This is a large open store that invites careful browsing. Spring is beautifully blooming here.
It was so enjoyable to wander around the store taking pictures and notes for this article. There is so much that I wasn’t able to see everything. Some highlights are the Easter table showcasing the pastel pink thistle glassware from Mosser of Ohio. They have the perfect cake pedestals, serving bowls and mini bunny tureens for your Easter table.
The Oak Forrest candle display is piled high with sparkly, glittered, rolled beeswax candles that perfectly complement the glassware. These candles come in many colors and are made in Sonoma. There are also twisted, artistic taper sets by Knor.
To help the house smell inviting you will find a wonderful collection of scented candles by Voluspa. I especially liked the fresh “Pink Citron” scent encased in a vented, pink, ceramic container. It’s as pretty to look at as it is to smell. Another of Victori Ana’s specialties is bath and body. You will always find the highest quality soaps here like those made in France by “Rance” (pronounced rhansay). V.A. is the exclusive seller of Lady Primrose, fine scents, in Montrose. There is always a new line added to the mix. Currently it is a collection of soaps, body butters, scrubs, and facial creams made with pure goat’s milk.

Enjoy spring and find beautiful gifts at Victori Ana at 2311 Honolulu Ave.

I’ve saved the best for last, the “icing on the cake” at Victori Ana and that is Marilyn’s gift wrap: boxed, paper wrapped, and tied with spring ribbon. It’s an art form that no one else does.
Victori Ana is at 2311 Honolulu Ave. They are open Tuesday – Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Treat yourself, meet Marilyn and Jerry, and enjoy the ambiance!