Oven Fresh Bakery: A passion for bread

Mary Dawson

Did you ever meet someone that you just liked instantly? This describes Teresa Dassian,  mother of four and owner of Oven Fresh Bakery (3600 Ocean View, across the street from Coffee Bean, (818) 249-3587). As I am writing this I am thoroughly enjoying my second piece of her foot long strawberry Danish loaf. This is a “family style” Danish and it’s only $6.50. My husband just took a piece and there’s more to offer our company. As I eat this I am transported to France. The pastry is so fresh, flaky, and beautifully braided with a strawberry, custard cheese filling. A must for Easter brunch.
Teresa has a passion for fresh bread. Fourteen years ago she opened her first small supermarket in Pasadena. She noticed how fresh bread from a nearby bakery would fly off the shelves, so she built a bakery and hired a baker. Four hundred freshly baked loaves would be sold in what seemed like 10 minutes. The concept was so successful that she opened four more markets with bakeries. Eventually she sold the chain so she could stay home for awhile with her children.
Time went by and the bakery of her dreams came up for sale. It was meant that Teresa own Oven Fresh and give it her twist. I am telling all who are reading this: You must try Oven Fresh Bakery. I, a “foodie” and also a lover of bread, simply can not get over the assortment of delicious fresh breads and rolls here at unbelievably low prices. My absolute favorite are the conchas. Light sweet rolls with a colored sugar pattern on top are three for only $1. They are so pretty and delicious. This one item is what inspired me to want to write this column. I had to get the word out about the hidden gems in Montrose.
Are you looking for a good sandwich roll? The Bolillo is a French sub roll and sells only for 35 cents. The kids’ sandwiches will never be the same. Fresh challa is $3.50.
And then there is the daisy, rolls in the shape of a flower for only $1.95. Oven Fresh bakes bread for Dish, The La Cañada Country Club, and Frank’s Famous Deli, among others. They have three bakers who work from 2 a.m. until 11 a.m. so everything is fresh. Treat yourself to a feta & spinach croissant for breakfast starting at 7 a.m. Oven Fresh is open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day except Sunday. Parking is free. Do stop by and treat your family to some of these special breads this Easter and Passover season. They will be so glad you did. See more pics of Teresa’s breads on the Montrose Shopping Park Facebook page.
A blessed Easter and Passover to you all.