Easy to Shop, Sell at ThePublicStore.com

by Jason KUROSU

ThePublicStore.com is a one-stop shop for those looking to sell their belongings or buy used items without the hassles generally involved with Internet shopping or the limited selection available at most consignment stores. Started by good friends Ralph Vartanian and John Abdoian in early 2011, ThePublicStore.com is both a response to the resale commerce boom and an alternative to the usual resale outlets, most of which are Internet sites such as eBay and Craigslist.

“This revolutionary idea is great for today’s economy,” said Vartanian. “There couldn’t have been a better time for us to open this store. People want to save money and people want to make money these days.”

For a consignment fee, sellers can have ThePublicStore.com get them the best price for their items using extensive research and years of marketing experience. Items for sale can be viewed on their website or in person at their 10,000 square foot showroom in Los Angeles near Glendale.

“We are the first and only consignment store to accept such a wide variety of items,” said Abdoian, who further noted many consignment stores’ catering to shoppers looking for specific or specialty items, such as antiques.

But other than getting a better price than one might get for items online, what are the advantages of using ThePublicStore.com?

“There are so many advantages for both shoppers and sellers,” said Vartanian. “It’s safe. Buyers don’t have to visit strangers’ homes. Sellers don’t have to clean their items. They don’t have to package them. They don’t have to ship them. They don’t have to worry about taking pictures of their items, haggling with buyers or marketing their items themselves.”

Vartanian emphasized ThePublicStore.com’s ability to provide full service. ThePublicStore.com takes care of the marketing of items, as well as the cleaning and delivery. The store also provides free pickups from sellers and free delivery for buyers, as well as storage at ThePublicStore.com’s showroom floor as opposed to using public storage facilities, “where the value of your items only depreciates,” said Vartanian.

Some people simply do not have the time to go through the entire process of selling their items, negotiating a price and marketing their products. ThePublicStore.com handles all of it for their consignors and provides a wide and reasonably priced selection for their customers.

ThePublicStore.com’s grand opening, which will feature free food, drinks and music, is on March 31.

For more information on ThePublicStore.com, visit www.ThePublicStore.com or their showroom located at 4536 Cutter St., just west of the San Fernando Road  railroad tracks in Glendale.