MVCCC odds and ends

By Ted Ayala

Just when I was about to get to writing my column this week, I was startled with the news of the 8.8 earthquake in Chile. I have a vested interest in this event—my family is from Chile. Fortunately they’re all fine. Chile is the second most active seismic zone in the world after Japan. So they’re used to this by now. Withstanding earthquakes runs in the blood with us. I’ve been known to sleep through tremblers myself. Good luck snapping me out of my siesta if that quake is anything less than an 8.0. Take stock of the good things in your life right now and say a prayer for the Chileans whose lives have been affected by this disaster.

On to a lighter note: Our May 8 Art-Walk is looming on the horizon. Artists of all kinds are welcome to participate in an event that has become a local favorite. A fee of $40 is all it takes to book a spot and show off your crafts to the community. Whether you do oil painting, sculpture, watercolors, or just dabble with crayons and finger paints as I like to do, you’re sure to have lots of fun at the Art Walk. We’re also looking for acoustic musicians to provide a lively sonic backdrop and aural stimulation for our artists. For further details, please contact me at or call me at the MVCCC’s office at (818) 249-7171. Artist’s smock and beret not included with purchase.

Our golf classic to be held at the Verdugo Hills Golf Course (6433 La Tuna Canyon Road in Tujunga) is coming up on April 22. I know I’m excited as I usually don’t venture beyond the putt-putt course. Better leave my Nerf golf clubs at home then. The lunch begins at 11:00 a.m.; shotgun at noon. We’ll be holding a raffle and dinner after the event. We have some really great prizes lined up for our raffle, but can always use more. If you’re a business that would love to donate and get plenty of exposure and advertising, contact us at the chamber.

If you’ve seen me walking down the Montrose streets in my black trench coat, you can already tell by my thick layer of white shag that has accrued on my treasured garment that I’m a cat person. I go out of my way to help needy pets, much to the detriment of my clothing. Thank goodness for organizations like Second Acts that helps animals in need. Second Acts is celebrating its second anniversary as a non-profit and is inviting everyone to join the fun. Visit the website at to find out how you can help and win prizes, too. Now if only I can get them to help me with my dry cleaning…

Visit the Montrose-Verdugo City Chamber of Commerce’s website at to find out about all our latest events. Or contact us via phone us at (818) 249-7171 or by e-mail at Our offices at 3516 N. Verdugo Road are open Mondays through Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You can also find us on Facebook. And once again – don’t forget to shop Montrose!