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Meet Ann, Owner of
The Perfect Touch Salon

Meet Perfect Touch Stylist and salon owner Ann Mavila as she gets ready to style Chris Humphrey.
Meet Perfect Touch Stylist and salon owner Ann Mavila as she gets ready to style Chris Humphrey.

Last week I had the pleasure of pulling up a chair and visiting my friend Ann Mavila, owner of The Perfect Touch Hair Salon. I learned a lot watching her work and chatting with some of her clients. The Perfect Touch has been in the same location over 30 years. Ann has seen a lot in this time and I always enjoy hearing the perspective of those whose hearts and livelihood are in Montrose.

Ann is an “over comer” and an inspiration. For those who have never met her, she is full of energy and her clients love her. Moms, men, career women, studio executives, and more come from near and far because they cannot even fathom going to someone else. Ann, though she takes time with her clients, moves quickly and has a constant stream, which she manages well.

Chris Humphrey, pictured here, used to live in Montrose and now drives in from Altadena. She discovered Ann when she was getting her nails done. As the manicure progressed she was intrigued with how well Ann treats her clients and so she made the switch. She has been a regular for six years. Like many of Ann devotees, she comes for custom color and great style.

Ann is also a perfect model for her business. She is on top of fashion trends and takes great care to stay in shape. She always looks put together and has great hair. I think in some way we all want to look like her. I had to take a close up pic of her hair, from the back, to show you. I am posting it on the Montrose Shopping Park Facebook page. Ann is passionate about hair, sharing with me that that is one of the first things people notice when they look at you.

The Perfect Touch uses a lot of Redken and Matrix products. I asked Ann what her two favorite products are. She uses Matrix Amplify Mousse that gives lots of body. Her fave shampoo is Biolage because it is so hydrating.

Perfect Touch is located at 2309 Honolulu, next door to Victori-Ana. They offer free style and blow-outs with custom color. You can make your appointment by calling (818) 248-4527.

Mary Dawson serves as vice president for the MSPA board. She and her family own Revelation Tops and Mountain Rose Gifts.