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Connecting in Crescenta Valley

Julia Rabago is the executive  director of Crescenta Valley  Chamber of Commerce.
Julia Rabago is the executive director of Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce.

“Realize that everything connects to everything else.” Leonardo Da Vinci

If you have lived in the Crescenta Valley for any length of time, you realize this is a very small town and everything and everyone does connect to something or someone else.  I would bet just as there are the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, there are most likely the two  degrees of the Crescenta Valley. It seems that even if there is someone you do not know in La Crescenta they know someone you know. So why not all work together to make this town the best it can be?

One person that is always working to make this one of the best towns is none other than Steve Pierce. You can always find him somewhere in the town making it better. This Saturday at 8:30 a.m. you will find him at the La Crescenta Avenue off-ramp for a monthly cleanup. I know he would love your help making the town better this Saturday by volunteering to pick up the trash and refuse with him. He provides all the materials and gloves and all he needs is 45 minutes of your time and a little energy. If you cannot be there this Saturday, there is always next month or when you come into the Crescenta Valley via the La Crescenta Avenue off-ramp off the Foothill (210) Freeway, please admire how clean and beautiful it is, and when you see Steve around town, please thank him for that!

The chamber has a new member that I wish to introduce: Jeero Habeshian of the Glencrest Real Estate Team. He is a local, dedicated Realtor prepared to guide you in buying or selling your real property. He believes in using his skills in finance, contracts, negotiation, appraisal and marketing to your best advantage. He offers local expertise tailored to meet your needs. He knows the neighborhoods, schools, market conditions, zoning regulations and local economy.

I asked him the following questions about his business:

How long have you been in real estate?  My real estate sales team is the Glencrest Team and I have owned it since 2002. I have also been a broker/director for Kobeissi Properties since 2009.

What are you known for or what is your specialty? I’m a residential specialist. I do work with a select group of clients in light commercial and one to four units.

What do you like most about what you do? I really enjoy interaction with people and educating them to make good short- and long-term choices. Most clients become life-long relationships.

What continues to set you apart from your competition? I educate, pass along my experience, and befriend people so that we have a trust relationship.

What is your biggest challenge? My biggest current challenge is the stringent lending practices of the big banks.

What is your most favorite client? I seem to have the most fun with clients who have been working to buy or sell, and for whatever reason have been unable to succeed.

You can reach Jeero Habeshian at (818) 523-9995 or visit his website www.GlencrestTeam.com.

The Chamber is beginning to plan this year’s 8th Annual Hometown Country Fair.  Please contact us if you would like to help or be a sponsor of this huge hometown event.

Important dates: March 1 – Sponsorship deadline for Hometown Country Fair; March 7 – Business mixer at Bob Smith Toyota; March 18 – Day at the Races; March 28 – Smart-a-Thon; April 21 – HomeTown Country Fair.

Please contact our office for more details on any event. How to reach us: (818) 248-4957/ crescentachamber@aol.com / www.LaCrescenta.org / 3131 Foothill Blvd., Ste. D.