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2020 Brings a Renewed Perspective for the MVCC!

Introducing the president of the Montrose~Verdugo City Chamber of Commerce Raffi Ashdjian, a multi-tasker who is multi-talented. He’s a busy man with his day job at the Glendale Area Schools Credit Union and realtor with Archetype Realty but, most importantly, is a wonderful husband and father.

Raffi leads the MVCC for 2020, saying, “Being on the board of directors for two years has groomed me for the next step of service to our business community. I am proud and honored to be the president of the Montrose~Verdugo City Chamber of Commerce. Given the roster of our past presidents, I’ve got some big shoes to fill!”

Our vice-president is Mindy Stackpoole, publisher of the magazine La Crescenta-Montrose Neighbors. She’s a wife and mom to two lovely little girls. She empowered her eldest daughter, Isabella, by giving her approval for her to be the MVCC junior ambassador.

When asked about her vision and intention as the 2020 VP, Mindy answered, “I’m looking forward to contributing more to helping our community alongside our president. We will continue to focus our efforts on bringing people and businesses to the Montrose area to stimulate our local economy and serve the needs of our membership.”                              

Secretary: TBC.

Our board of directors includes Kristi Cohen, who is now serving her third year on the board. Her leadership and fundamentals play a very important role in the foundation of the MVCC. Kristi not only works and represents USC Verdugo Hills Hospital, she works collaboratively to create the opportunity for team work that will further the education and overall health profile for all those living in the foothills.             

Anna Lopez has served on and off the board for several years, consecutively for the last three years. Anna owns and operates Boulevard 34 boutique on Honolulu Avenue. Anna is a constant supporter of the community and gets involved and supports in all ways she can. She has an earnest desire to bring awareness to the importance of shopping and dining locally. She believes this is a key to keeping our community economy strong.

Lorry Amieva, part of the Tribe to Table team, educated and informed the community about the Native American market and shared their vision of real, wild and sustainable products.

Lorry is a multidisciplinary designer and business owner from a small farming town in Indiana. Growing up on a self-sufficient family farm of sorts and foraging in the woods with her artist parents set the stage for a lifelong mission of sustainability and conscious consumerism. She brings an excitement and a refreshing perspective to the 2020 MVCC mission.                              

Christian Ramirez, another key partner, is owner and buyer for Tribe to Table. Christian will bring his energy and ideas to execute in offering unique outreach to the community. Christian and his brother Manny were key leaders for the 2019 Oktoberfest and assisted the MVCC in intention and execution of a solid event.                                                       

Melina Shabazian is an associate attorney in the healthcare practice group of the Los Angeles office of Clark Hill and has been practicing law for the past five years. She is a wife and proud mommy of two young children on whom she devotes time to making memories with new adventures. Melina is a self-described “loyal consumer” of the Montrose businesses. This loyalty and care for the community was the catalyst for her literally stepping forward to request involvement with the MVCC.

Past President Chris Charles has served on the board for four-plus years as a director, a co-president, 2019 president and now as past president. He brings a spark to the board and when available ensures that he engages the community with the chamber. He has worked behind the scenes of the Oktoberfest for several years. For the 2019 event he turned in a great performance as emcee of the festivities. Chris is a financial professional, as well as part of the leadership of CVLL.

Additional Past Presidents

We are proud to have the inspiration of those who still give their support and contributions to our organization, the community and to the office attempting to carry on the work. These individuals provide support in various ways by volunteering their time at events, serving as advisors, attending mixers and offering their contributions: George Pondella, 2016 and 2018; Chris Waldheim, 2000 and Oktoberfest food distribution 20-plus years; Rick Dinger, 1999; Mike Sharr, board of directors 10 years, VP 2004 and president 2005; Pat Longo, 2013 and 2014; Scott Trulik, 2011 and 2012; Mike Perry, 2010; Jane Kane, 2009 and secretary 2007; Bea Blessley, 2007; Laurie Jo Phillips, 2006.

Victoria Marie Malone ~Executive Director YOUR Montrose/Verdugo City Chamber of Commerce 3436 N. Verdugo Road, Suite 100, Glendale, CA 91208 Office: (818) 249-7171 www.montrosechamber.org