The ageless Merle Norman sisters

If looks over time can be a testimony to a product’s effectiveness, then look no further than Merle Norman Montrose (2341 Honolulu). Kim Kelly and her sister Kris Kline have lived in La Crescenta for over 25 years. They opened the Montrose Merle Norman 17 years ago, but began using the product line before that when their mother had a Merle Norman counter in her clothing store. Kim and Kris continue to stay beautiful with each passing year; what they are doing is working. These sisters are the best in their field. Did you know our little Montrose Merle Norman is the #4 studio in the whole organization? It is exciting to have these two sisters in our midst who love what they do. They thoroughly enjoy doing makeovers and teaching us about skincare and the latest makeup techniques. They also believe in supporting the community. Last year they donated over 100 gift baskets to charity events.
Now we are still in the New Year and Valentine’s Day is coming up. What better time is there to treat yourself to something new? Merle Norman has a gift with purchase going on right now that I consider a “must try.” Why? As a former department store cosmetic buyer I know something good when I see it. This gift has nice size trials of the four brand new “Brilliant C” skin care products. You get the cleanser, the toner, the serum and the moisturizer. These products work! I love the light citrus scent. They are non-oily, and they literally improve your skin’s clarity and give you a youthful glow. They feel good and they make you look good. All you have to do is purchase two MN products and you get the whole gift in its cute box.
One product you may consider is the new Automatic Lip Pencil Plus. It has a lipliner on one side and a lipstick on the other. They also have a great Flawless Effect Liquid Makeup. Kim and Kris love to do makeovers for free. They will easily show you what to wear and how to wear it. You can learn more about the products you would like to zero in on through their excellent website They are also on Facebook as Merle Norman Montrose. Speaking of FB, we invite you to become a fan there of the Montrose Shopping Park. We have our own page. These next few weeks in this paper and on FB we look forward to enjoying the Valentine’s season in Montrose.

Mary Dawson owns Revelation Tops with her sister Carole,
and serves as vice president of the Montrose Shopping Park