Montrose-Verdugo City Chamber of Commerce

Coming Together in the New Year

On Dec. 8, the MVCC Toys for Tots mixer was hosted by the Glendale Area Schools Credit Union. MVCC member (center) Leslie Lesh from Clear Minded Marketing with Toys for Tots Marines Staff Sgt. Rodriguez (left) and Staff Sgt. Rodarte.
Photo provided by Panos Productions Photography

Happy New Year! As we enter another year during a still unprecedented time, we can’t help but ask ourselves how our resolutions will be different this year. It feels as though the only hope we’ve held on to for the last (almost) two years is that we return to our old “normal.” For many, our last few resolutions have been to just get through the next year okay. It’s been challenging these last few years and we’re here today with a different viewpoint on the year we have ahead of us.

We welcome and embrace the challenges ahead and, with our resolution of coming together this year, we know that this goal is possible. Our mission at the Montrose-Verdugo City Chamber of Commerce has always included this notion of coming together to be stronger together. This is how successful businesses and individuals can really flourish – by combining our strengths, support and resources. However, we want to take a moment to expand on how we can fulfill this resolution.

At our chamber, we make it a point to always have “shop local, shop Montrose” at the top of mind. After all, if we truly wish to support commerce in our community, it starts with shopping locally. But there are many other ways in which we can come together. Here are a few:

  • Show up to local business events. Whether it’s for a business mixer or a (free) ribbon-cutting ceremony, showing up to show your support can make all the difference to the business and to you! Check out our calendar on our website to see a full list of upcoming events.
  • Follow and tag local businesses on social media. One of the easiest ways to show your support is to simply follow the local businesses that you cherish. Or if you find yourself wearing your favorite jeans from, say, Nix Marie (still obsessed with our Pistola jeans we got from there), give them a quick shout-out/tag on social media in your mirror selfie. It may feel like nothing but, in doing these small gestures, you’re making others aware of what our local businesses have to offer. Though you might not consider yourself an influencer, we all have the power to influence those around us – even if it’s just your humble following of 500 friends and family.
  • Leave a review. It’s 2022 and the chances of someone first checking Yelp, Facebook, or another internet source on whether that new café in town is worth going to (by the way, it is totally worth visiting toasted.), you can bet a small business owner is doing a happy dance when they get notified of your new review of their business. It takes about five minutes (or less, if you’re a review pro) and you’ll feel great knowing you contributed a small act of kindness to your community. If you need help with learning how to leave a review, the MVCC is happy to help.

         May this year be a blessed one for everyone and may we keep our resolution of coming together, always.

         Meet the newest business members of the MVCC:

  • “With Blizzfull, your customers can order securely and seamlessly from your restaurant’s website or custom app.”
  • Athens Services “A local, family-owned waste collection and recycling company that has been a fixture in the greater Los Angeles community for the past 60 years.”

         …and welcoming back renewing member

  • Laurie Jo Designs “[MVCC past president Laurie Jo’s] studio is open by appointment and is located in Montrose. [She has] art, gifts, aprons, canvas bags, clothing and can paint special orders as well.”

MVCC and Member Updates/Upcoming Events

Out of an abundance of caution, in response to the increase of COVID-19 cases all January and February in-person events have been canceled with the exception of the dine-out event on Wednesday, Feb. 2 from 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. at New Moon Restaurant. New Moon will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the MVCC. Patrons need to just mention the MVCC to help raise funds for our organization and its mission.

Craft Beer Fest 2022 is scheduled to move forward on May 1. If you are a brewery or a local business interested in participating and showcasing your business at this event, you can reach us at

Special thank you to the Glendale Area Schools Credit Union for hosting our Toys for Tots mixer in December. Also, thanks to MVCC member Panos Productions Photography for yet again photographing our mixer (see photo).

Stay safe, be well and please keep supporting local businesses!

Mavil Aghadjanian, Executive Director
Montrose-Verdugo City Chamber of Commerce                   (818) 249-7171