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New Year’s Resolution: Try Giuseppe’s!

Giuseppe’s is a cozy, casual Italian eatery with homemade  pastas, pizza and bread.
Giuseppe’s is a cozy, casual Italian eatery with homemade pastas, pizza and bread.

I have been looking forward to writing this article since I first tried Giuseppe’s. Those of you who follow this column know that I am a major “foodie.” I love everything to do with food including preparation, presentation, recipes, the dining experience and entertaining. It would be pure bliss to write about food for a living and it is especially fun when you have a good experience to share.

Yes folks, the Montrose Shopping Park has another winner. Giuseppe’s is coming up on their one-year anniversary here and if you have not tried it yet let me give you some reasons why you should.

My first visit was in the evening and it felt cozy and friendly just walking in the door. I sat at a cute little table in the window where I had a perfect vantage point to watch the comings and goings on Honolulu. As I looked around I noticed a variety of ages, both families and singles, and it was very comforting, just like you would expect a casual Italian eatery to be.

Now for the food. I could live on salad and pasta and be very happy and Giuseppe’s is doing a bang up job with both. The “Loaded Salad” keeps drawing me back. It’s the perfect blend of crisp iceberg lettuce, thinly sliced sweet white onions, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, little squares of Italian salami, and fresh mozzarella. I like mine topped with their perfect blue cheese dressing. The serving is generous and you will want to share.

All of the pasta sauces are homemade with big pieces of fresh basil throughout. I have tried both the marinara and my new favorite the sausage Bolognese with hints of fennel. My sister and I shared a big platter of penne Bolognese one night and all conversation stopped as we watched the platter disappear. We ate the whole thing and Carole said it was better than the sauce we grew up with in Baltimore’s Little Italy. Now that is saying something.

It was also nice to meet owners Michelle Capozzoli and Anthony Santillo. Anthony graciously answered all of my questions and made us feel welcome. One of their best selling dishes is the meatball and sausage plate, smothered in marinara. Families and groups order this regularly to share. Giuseppe’s hand rolls the meatballs, and serves the platter with a side of their homemade bread. If I can pull myself away from the pasta I plan to try this dish soon.

So take my advice and give Giuseppe’s a try this month. What a great thing it would be if we all visited Michelle and Anthony and wished them happy anniversary. You will find them at 2428 Honolulu Ave. across from The Wine Cave. I plan to post some pics from my first visit at www.shopmontrose.com


Mary Dawson serves as vice president for the MSPA board. She and her family own Revelation Tops and Mountain Rose Gifts.