Republican Women Federation holds 2010 induction luncheon

Attending the annual installation luncheon were (back from left) Curt Cleven, Danette Erickson, Kerry Erickson and Patricia Di Gennaro. Seated are Carol Pickett, Joan Taylor, Millie Asplund, Mary Lou Levy and Laura Matheu.
Attending the annual installation luncheon were (back from left) Curt Cleven, Danette Erickson, Kerry Erickson and Patricia Di Gennaro. Seated are Carol Pickett, Joan Taylor, Millie Asplund, Mary Lou Levy and Laura Matheu.

By Shana LiVIGNI

The La Crescenta Valley Republican Women Federation Christmas holiday luncheon and installation was held on Dec. 11 at the Athenaeum Fireside Room at Caltech in Pasadena. Special guest speaker was former director of the Reagan Ranch, Clark Vandeventer. He is a husband, a father and a social entrepreneur who wears many hats. He’s not only the CEO of World Changers Inc., but also the founder and executive director of the Vandeventer Group, developing New American ideas centered on California’s central coast. He is also a sought after political commentator, strategist and a passionate speaker at an array of events dealing with politics, communities, universities and businesses of all kinds.

Vandeventer is a highly regarded fund raiser understanding that fund raisers are an integral part of marketing and promotion. At the luncheon, his powerful and engaging speech and ideas for the future of not only America but the world charged up the room prompting many topical questions and comments from the inspired audience.

“I’m just delighted to be here with the La Crescenta Republican Women for their annual Christmas party. It’s a great group of people, great energy, great enthusiasm and lots of optimism for the year ahead as we begin to rebuild America,” said Clark. “The hour is dark, but the new America is just beyond the horizon and I think for the large part, it’s just because of the kind of people we have here today.”

Members of CFRW – California Federated Republican Women’s – Southern Division are “America’s Leading Women Leading America” and as such are part of the largest and most active volunteer political organization in the United States. Although women in California have had the right to vote since 1911, granting equal suffrage is why many women in Southern California took an active interest in government and later formed and joined with the National Federation of Republican Women.

Following the silent auction of donated gifts, the luncheon in the stunningly decorated Fireside Room and the enlightening and interactive speech given by Vandeventer, it was time for the installation of the officers.

The 2010 officers and committees were individually introduced and inducted by L.A. County Republican Women Federation president Nancy Eisenhart. The new executive board members are: President – Mary Owen, assistant – Joanie Taylor, 1st VP program – Danette Erickson, Assistant – Carole Lewis, 2nd VP Membership – Donna Tubbs, Assistant – Marlene Finnegan, 3rd VP, Ways and Means – Carole Buss, Assistant – Janet Rea, Recording Secretary – Joanne Gilson, Assistant – Molly Powers, Treasurer – Bonnie Kunkle, Assistant Donna Clubb and Parliamentarian – Karen Suter.

“What I can tell you about this event, the The La Crescenta Valley Republican Women’s center, is very active and that’s important because the stakes are so high for us,” explained Eisenhart. “La Crescenta should be proud to have a group like this in their midst.”

The California Federation of Republican Women accomplishes its goals and objectives through numerous volunteer programs, activities and events. The programs are designed to educate the members and to provide outreach and support activities to their surrounding communities. California, being such an enormous state with completely different needs and environments, has separated its organization into three distinct divisions. The largest of these divisions in area and local units is CFRW Southern Division. This Division serves eight counties in Southern California: Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Ventura. The programs are similar to others throughout the state and nation but they are branded with Southern California values, needs and expectations.

There are 3,000 women in Los Angeles in six different sections and there are over 100,000 across the country.

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