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Preparing Your Home for Sale!

Dear Phyllis,
   I am planning on selling my home next spring. What do you suggest I begin to work on in order to get it ready?    Sally

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Dear Sally,
I am delighted you realize that when the goal is to sell your home for the highest possible price, you want to start planning ahead. Homes which sell for the highest price per square foot are generally those in the best condition (move-in ready). I have consulted with sellers as much as a year before their anticipated move. We then had the opportunity to meet with my home stager and ample time to implement her suggestions in a leisurely manner.

The first thing you want to do is hire a real estate agent so they can provide you with a punch list of things to do.  Here are a few “general’ suggestions:

     Curb Appeal:  Sadly, I find that most gardeners are of the “mow and blow” variety. I have several great gardeners that spruce up most of my listings prior to coming on the market.  This makes a tremendous difference when potential home buyers “do the drive by.”

  Deep Clean:  My clients typically have their windows professionally cleaned (and if needed the home power washed) prior to showings.  Your home should be sparkling clean inside and out.

   Declutter:  Most of us have too much stuff. You are moving! Begin donating, packing and storing. If you need a pod, or storage unit, rent one. Closets, cabinets and cupboards should appear spacious (not filled to capacity).

   General:  Even if it’s just touching up the trim, painting provides a great return on investment. Have your Realtor® or home stager recommend paint colors. (Please don’t select the paint colors without consulting with a professional.) Now is not the time for costly remodel projects, but sometimes an inexpensive refresh on kitchens and baths are wise.

Real estate agents are typically paid a percentage of your selling price.  We are not paid an hourly rate. It only makes sense for you to derive the most assistance from your Realtor®. Check with your real estate agent prior to making any changes.  I often meet with potential home sellers who start the preparation process on their own and they sometimes make costly mistakes.

Not every dollar you spend in renovations or repairs will come back to you at the time of sale. Your Realtor® can advise you which improvements will give you the most “bang for your buck.”