Bingo Players Fill Verdugo Hills Memorial Hall

Former Glendale Police Chief Carl Povilaitus enjoys retirement with pizza and bingo at the Verdugo Kiwanis bingo night.
Photos by Ruth SOWBY



There’s nothing more excited than a Kiwanis bingo player hoping to rake in the dough. But first a little dough must be expended – $25 for 10 games of bingo, a few dollars for food and beverages, and an optional contribution of new socks for the Kiwanis Sock Drive. If they feel flush, $500 for a game named after them. Kiwanis member Kathryn Van Houten and the Finkelberg and Finkelberg Law Offices together accounted for a generous contribution of $1,000. 

In November, the Verdugo Hills Kiwanis held a bingo night that kicked off with Vietnam vet and Kiwanis member Mike Baldwin leading the flag salute. Bingo Kiwanis President Miryam Finkelberg got the games rolling by shouting out, “We’re gonna have fun; play loudly!”  

Retired Glendale top cop Carl Povilaitis did just that.  

When asked, “How’s retirement?” he answered, “I’m not complaining.”   

More VIPs taking part included Anita Quinonez Gabrielian, former member of the Glendale College board of trustees. But on that night she was strictly a Kiwanian helping with whatever needed doing. She also brought family members to the night’s game. They were in the overflow room downstairs. Declan Floyd from State Senator Anthony Portantino’s office was spotted playing the game. He also presented the Club with a State Senate Certificate of Recognition.    

Declan Floyd, District Rep for State Senator Anthony Portantino, presented Verdugo Kiwanis with a Senate Certificate of Recognition at bingo.

As a chorus of “bingos” filled the night, some still needed a few pointers. Glendale resident Janie Perez tutored her mom, Alice Perez: “Catch any five random numbers, call ‘bingo’ and you win.” 

Community non-profits were the winners though. Net proceeds from the event were going to programs serving children, youth, homeless and veterans.