CV Weekly On The Move!!

The CV weekly traveled to Nova Scotia aboard the Regal Princess with 13 CV and two Verdugo Hills high school alums and other family members. CV alums in the photo are Manny Chavez (’76), Keith Douglass (’79), Cyndi Douglass (’80), Doug Ebert (’78), Julie Ebert (’85), Jeff Knott (’78), Jeff Linn (’74), Joe Linn (’78), Laurel Linn (’80), Susan Linn (’70), Bridgyn Martin (’77), Jay Zadravecz (’79) and Susie Zadravecz (’85). 

Verdugo Hills alums were Jo Ann Jarboe (’74) and Bobbie Schnoebelen (’76).

Pamela Chavez, Diane Knott, Leslie Martin, Captain Tim Stringer and friends are also shown during the Oct. 17 tour of the bridge.

CV Weekly loves to travel!
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