Dignity Health SoCal Hospitals Provide Millions in Assistance

Dignity Health Southern California’s six hospitals annually report on community health programs, they provide including the health needs being addressed, programs and measurable objectives, and the economic value to communities in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. In reaching the goal of improving community health, financial assistance for those unable to afford medically necessary care is often provided as are a range of prevention and health improvement programs conducted by the hospital with community partners. This assistance is offered for medically necessary hospital services to patients who meet certain criteria.

More information about Dignity Health’s Financial Assistance Policy, including who is eligible to receive assistance, can be found online on the Dignity Health Southern California website.

In fiscal year 2019, the six Southern California hospitals provided $222,071,918 in patient financial assistance, unreimbursed costs of Medicaid, community health improvement services and other community benefits. Glendale Memorial Hospital & Health Center provided $21,601,060 in assistance, whether financial, in services or through health improvement programs.