Center Celebrates Milestone

This month the Center for Children celebrates its 50th anniversary. The Center for Children has enjoyed a rich history and has been a standard bearer of quality preschool and childcare. Its mission statement reads, “Our mission is to provide quality childcare that is nurturing, respectful and educational and which reflects Christ’s love to children and their families.”

Everyday the CFC opens its doors to the possibility of making a difference in the lives of a child or family. Over the years its staff members have walked beside parents through joys like an addition to a family, the promotion of their child, job changes, etc. The Center has been there in tough times, too, like divorce, unemployment, moving, illnesses and death. It has helped parents find resources for their children and have been a sounding board for families as they navigate their family journey.

The La Crescenta Presbyterian Nursery School began with five half-day programs and a staff of five women of the church. Over the years, an infant program, full-day preschool and before and after school programs were added that served the seven public schools in La Crescenta. As the program expanded the name was changed to the Center for Children.

Currently, with a staff of 38 and 177 children enrolled, it is one of the largest childcare programs in the Crescenta Valley area. Teachers from this staff have moved on to become elementary school teachers, preschool directors, psychologists, therapists, pastors and other professionals. Over the years, thousands of children have walked through the Center’s rooms. There have been hundreds, if not over a thousand, staff members. Countless people have volunteered in classrooms or served on the board. The La Crescenta Presbyterian Church has always supported this ministry, believing that Christ calls us to bring the little children to Him.

Alumni staff members, parents and students are invited on Sunday, Oct. 14 to celebrate this special day. At 10 a.m. there will be time to worship together. Following worship, at 11:30 a.m. there will be a special lunch ($3) in Koopmans Hall, activities in the classrooms and special events throughout the afternoon for kids. There will be T-shirts for sale ($5) as well as other food items. Come look at vintage CFC photos and news clippings along with an open house throughout the center. Stay for the entire event or just drop by and sign the guest timeline.

CFC is located at 2902 Montrose Ave. in La Crescenta.