Dog day afternoon at Two Strike Park

artist drawings of dogs
By Shana LiVIGNI

It was the last weekend of summer, a gorgeous Sunday at the park for people and pooches of all kinds.  The 7th Annual ‘Dog Party’ got underway with games and information booths throughout the tree-covered  park on Rosemont Avenue.  Dog owners of all ages brought their canine family members to interact with other dogs, while some showed off their unique designer dog accessories.
The event is sponsored by the Crescenta-Canada Pet Hospital where Dr. James Speas, veterinarian and facility owner, emceed the activities, including an animal version of Wheel of Fortune, musical squares, demonstrations by the Pasadena Obedience Club and a barbecue ‘hot dog’ stand.
Speas and his pet hospital staff raise money for several animal causes, but this is his baby. Even his receptionist and former illustrator, Mary Measures, donates her time and skills by sketching dogs and their owners. “It’s a chance for dogs and their owners to get out and socialize, participate in fun pet games and get new information,” boasts Speas. ‘”All the voluntary donations go to The Glendale Humane Society.”