The ALF Bargain Box Sells Christmas Joy at Bargain Basement Prices

La Cañada residents, from left, Anita Hossepian and Linda Margarian admire a candle holder at the ALF “Sneak Peek” Christmas sale.
Photos by Ruth SOWBY


Though it’s five months before Christmas, the “sneak peek” Christmas sale at the Assistance League Flintridge (ALF) debuted on Tuesday, Aug. 8 packed with local shoppers. Prices were set at pennies on the dollar. But what caused the most oohs and ahhs were triangle-shaped earrings in “Barbie” pink – natch!  

For sale at the ALF “Sneak Peek” Christmas were “Barbie” pink earrings—a steal at $4.00. They went fast!

But it was red and green that dominated. A huge soft storage box in Christmas colors went for $4. Those who wanted more traditional holiday items than those “Barbie” items picked glittery ribbon at $2 and ornaments at $4. Donated clothes and shoes sold well despite having nothing to do with Christmas.   

Shopper Laurene Mascola checks out with her Christmas bounty at the ALF Christmas sale. Volunteer Lori Rosenberg looks happy to help.

The ALF’s next holiday event will be a combined Halloween and Thanksgiving sale on Sept. 12. Don’t miss it.