Getting ‘Buzzed’ for Charity


On Saturday, hair stylists at Bruce K. Smith Salon in La Cañada spent the day buzzing heads for a good cause.

The second annual Buzzathon was in support of the Katherine Evans Scholarship Fund. Katherine was 14 years old on June 12, 2011 when she was attending an eighth grade graduation party. She and her classmates had just been promoted from eighth grade at Holy Family Catholic School in South Pasadena. The party was at a classmate’s home.

“They were at the party, having fun. All the kids jumped into the pool with their clothes on,” Bruce Smith said.

Katherine got out of the pool, said a few words to Smith’s sister-in-law whose child was in her class, and then she collapsed.

She was transported to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. The cause of her death, according to Smith, was inconclusive.

Katherine’s father Greg, who spoke at her memorial, said that there was never a time when his child was alone. There were doctors who were at the party who responded immediately.

“Greg has been a client of mine for years,” Smith said. “I wanted to do something.”

Katherine was scheduled to be an incoming freshman at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy. Her family established a scholarship fund to help support girls that will attend FSHA. Smith came up with the Buzzathon as a way to support the scholarship fund and, knowing that football players needed their hair buzzed prior to the start of the season, he contacted St. Francis High School.

The players came and the buzz cuts began. Smith said this year was not as successful as last year, perhaps more people were on vacation, but he is still donating part of the proceeds to the scholarship fund.

The loss of Katherine was a nightmare every parent can relate to. The loss is immeasurable but Katherine’s memory lives on through those her scholarship and support of other girls at Sacred Heart.

For anyone who would like to donate to the Katherine Evans Scholarship, go and click on Katherine Evans Scholarship or contact Flintridge Sacred Heart at
(626) 685-8500.