Local Dad Receives Surprise Visit

On June 14, local resident George Murphy received a surprise visit from the Helpful Honda crew arranged by his daughter Pat Chambers.

“My 94-year-old, Korean War veteran father is amazing,” wrote Chambers. “He is still volunteering at my non-profit child care program [Center for Children at La Crescenta Presbyterian Church] where he does office work and simple ‘fix-it jobs’ for us. He has spent time touching up our classrooms where kids have left their mark. Over 60 years ago, when my mother ran this program, he did everything for it. He recently lost his second wife and so I brought him to live with me. He no longer drives and boy does he miss that … I would love to have him come with me on neighborhood walks with our dog. His dad superhero cape is long. He has been a father figure to many.”

Chambers went on to say that her dad taught her to “think for myself and be independent.”

“He and my mom were married for 32 years and the last six years of her life she was very ill. He did everything to make life as full for her as possible including getting a scooter so that she could move around with more freedom. He made sure she stayed at home until the day she passed regardless of the toll it took on him. One of the places she used the scooter was at the La Crescenta Presbyterian Center for Children, a non-profit full day childcare center that they started … My father built the playground equipment, hung the sunshades and fixed everything from tricycles to tables. Now that I am the director, he continues that support by answering phones, filing and shredding.

Responding to her submission, the Helpful Honda crew provided Murphy with a new mattress, folding outdoor chair, Korean War veteran zip hoodie, tray table for his recliner, 10 booster seats and, perhaps most helpful, an electric scooter.

Chambers was especially thankful for the scooter and the world it will open for her 94-year-old father.

“There are so many places he wants to revisit and to see for the first time. At 94 he is not ready to be housebound and I don’t want that for him,” wrote Chambers. “I am planning on taking him to outdoor concerts, the beach and the lake this summer. This not only [is] an honor for him being recognized at a super dad but help to keep his quality of life.”